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Was the Sanjay-Salman spat a 'Bigg' gimmick?

Over the past two weeks, there have been reports of disputes over various issues between best buddies Salman Khan and Sanjay Dutt. Apparently, a few days ago the two conveniently patched up.

Knowing what happened in between, we are forned to to wonder if this feud was a well-orchestrated publicity gimmick for their latest television endeavour Bigg Boss 5.

Here's thw flow of events:

July 19: Sanjay was announced as Salman's co-host in Bigg Boss 5, a show that has been garnering maximum eyeballs ever since Salman's come on board.

However, with Sanjay's last 14 films taking a hit at the box office, there was little chance that he would let go of this golden opportunity with best friend Salman.

July 21: At Sanju's wife Maanyata's birthday party, Salman breaks into an argument with producer Bunty Walia, which does not go down too well with the former.

That apart, it was also said that Sanjay was upset because Salman had asked him to play his father in Bodyguard. Please note that he played a cameo in Salman's last film Ready.

July 22: Salman threatens to walk out of Bigg Boss, a show that has been getting him bigger bucks than any other TV host.

July 23: Salman and Sanjay shoot for a promo of Bigg Boss at Film City, where everything seemed fine between them.

July 24: Sanjay throws yet another party. He invites Shah Rukh Khan and not Salman. Suddenly, once again all is not well between the two, with speculations of Sanjay doing this to purposely irk his pal.

July 29: Sanju throws yet another party in Pattaya after the shoot of his film Rascals for no apparent reason. He invites neither Salman not SRK for this one.

August 7: Papers report that all is well between the two actors as the fight has been resolved.

The first promo Bigg Boss 5 is scheduled to released in the last week of August and the show is expected to go on air in October.

Bodyguard 'rakhis' become huge hit in market

This Rakhi season, the market is abuzz with innovative Bodyguard 'rakhis' everywhere. Given the hype surrounding this Eid release, some innovative entrepreneurs have come out with Bodyguard 'rakhis' that have flooded the market which are a huge hit.

'Brothers are also bodyguards' expressed Salman Khan at the launch of the first look of Bodyguard. The Dabangg actor whose new avatar this Eid is, that of a Bodyguard, strongly believes that every person who loves and protects their loved ones is a true bodyguard.

It's obvious that young girls would like their real brothers to be protective of them, warding off dangers with an iron fist and a karate kick, just as Salman Khan does in the film's promos

The Bodyguard team is surprised and amazed to see how the market is flooded with the Bodyguard rakhis and the people are extremely pleased and are in high spirits with the newness it brings to the festival. Interestingly, these rakhis are not a marketing gimmick. In fact, producer Atul Agnihotri was amazed and surprised. "Is that so? Well, they are not part of the film's promotion, but I like the idea," he expressed.

This festive season with Eid and Ganpati, Salman and the entire Bodyguard team is happy to see such a trend emerging and wish to spread good wishes and warm respects to every person who protects their loved ones. It is amazing how Salman has such a huge mass appeal and a big fan following and that such innovative rakhis have emerged in the markets grabbing everyone's attention.

Salman Khan himself is a protective brother to sisters Alvira and Arpita and his cousins. "Every Rakhsha Bandhan, Salman, Arbaaz, Sohail and I, along with my wife Alvira, meet at Salim uncle's (father-in-law Salim Khan) house for lunch. It's an annual affair and an elaborate gala," informs Atul. "Salman is a magnanimous guy, so it's easy for his sisters to arm-twist him for gifts on this day. He doesn't dole out standard gifts, whatever he decides on always leaves them smiling."

The upcoming Eid release, in which Salman plays a bodyguard, opens in theaters on August 31. It will be the third Eid release of Salman after blockbusters like Wanted (2009) and Dabangg (2010). 

Salman Khan speaks about Bodyguard - Video

Salman Khan speaks about his film 'Bodyguard' in this exclusive interview. He also spoke about his experience of working with Kareena Kapoor, Katrina Kaif's role in the film, action scenes, Himesh Reshammiya's music and more. Must watch!


Katrina doesn’t charge a penny for Bodyguard item number

Looking at the close friendship Salman Khan and Katrina Kaif are sharing right now, not many would believe that the couple have gone through a break-up. Now, Katrina has taken the friendship a step ahead by not taking any fees for doing the item number in Bodyguard.

Salman decided to rope in Katrina for the item number of Bodyguard which is called 'Aaya Re Aaya Bodyguard'. Being a close friend of the actor, she immediately agreed for it. But surprisingly, Katrina has decided to do the song for free. This is her first item number after the hugely popular 'Sheila Ki Jawani'.

Kat has apparently said she wants to return the favour to the actor who, along with his family, has been very helpful to her in building her career.

Atul Agnihotri, producer of Bodyguard, is touched by Katrina's gesture. He points out that Katrina didn't charge a penny for the guest appearance in his directed film Hello. 

Bipasha Basu' new buddy: Salman Khan

Bipasha Basu is surprising close friends by making friends with the unlikeliest of names. First it was Shahid Kapoor, who is currently shooting in London. Now we hear she's pallying up with Salman Khan, John Abraham's jaani dushman.

While Bips and Sallu weren't friendly, that status quo seems to be changing now. Basu wants to start anew, both personally and professionally. Buzz is the Bongshell is keen on working with Khan and might even shoot a song in his brother Sohail Khan's next production, Sher Khan. Bips and Salman's last film together was the 2005 hit No Entry.

A source explains, "While they were never friends, they weren't enemies either. She maintained a distance from Salman when she was seeing John. Now that he's out of the picture, she's keen on bridging the divide. In fact, she has been a regular at Galaxy Apartments (Khan's bastion) for Arpita's Ganesh puja for the last two years. She has been texting him quite often these days, and they even seem to have discovered a shared passion for poetry. She has introduced Salman to her favourite couplets and lines."

Sallu begins work on Sher Khan before Dabangg 2. And there's a good chance she may feature in the film if this friendship continues. "Bipasha definitely wants to work with Salman. She feels that several opportunities were lost in the past. Now, if there's such a chance, she'll grab it with both hands."

Salman wants to be in a cricket team

Salman Khan, brand ambassador and supporter of Sohail Khan's celebrity cricket team Mumbai Heroes, that finished last in the inaugural Celebrity Cricket League (CCL), now wants to play on the field. The Dabangg star says, "I have been pleading with Sohail to take me. I assure entertainment on the field and off it. But it's up to him."

The actor's self-depreciatory humour doesn't end here. He adds that his brother's team didn't win last time because the other teams have been playing matches for a long time. However, he agreed that when his brother's team played, they thought it was a friendly match and they weren't serious. Adding to this, he says, "When we went there, we understood they (south teams) meant business."

Sohail adds, "We played, learnt and will try to do better next time. We didn't win, so we aren't over confident. It gives us a chance to play better."

Ask him if the reason was less time available for practice and he says, "South actors churn out more films than us, so they are equally busy and yet they take time out. They are more in touch with the game. We need to do the same."

But does having Salman on his side give him added advantage? Sohail laughs, "I wish it was according to box-office, but this (cricket match) is a different ball game altogether."

Vishnu Vardhan Induri, founder of CCL, adds that many people thought that bringing 60 artistes from all over the country was a dream, but it became possible only because of the passion that the film stars have for cricket.

He adds, "Like any reality television show, CCL will take place regularly."

Next year, the CCL's new season will feature two additional teams, Bengal Tigers and Superstars Kerala. The matches will be played in Bangalore, Chennai, Vishakhapatnam and Hyderabad from January 27 to February 19, 2012.

Salman Khan to produce film on education

In 3 Idiots (2009), Aamir Khan did a commentary on the Indian education system. Now, Salman Khan too is set to highlight its loopholes by acting in and producing actor-filmmaker Mahesh Manjrekar's Hindi remake of his Marathi hit, Shikshanachya Aaicha Gho (2010). 

Manjrekar confirms "Yes, Salman is very keen to produce the film. And I am going to make the Hindi remake in due time. Let him get free from his other assignments, then we will sit together and work out details."

Apparently, Salman loved the film's idea and immediately jumped at the offer of being a part of the Hindi version.

Last year, rumours suggested that Manjrekar was finding it extremely difficult to pin Salman down to watch the Marathi original. In fact, the Astitva (2000) director had arranged for a special screening of the film only for him, but the star failed to turn up at the last minute. Soon enough, it led to talks that the film was shelved.

But Manjrekar claims that now, Shikshanachya Aaicha Gho will be made under Salman's Being Human banner. And the proceeds of the movie will entirely go towards the actor's charity foundation. Although the deal is yet to be confirmed, Salman is likely to play father to two kids in the film.

Although Manjrekar refuses to put a deadline to it, the film can only start later next year. The reason: after Bodyguard, Salman is set to start Yash Raj Films' Ek Tha Tiger with Katrina Kaif, followed by Sher Khan and Dabangg 2, which will be directed by his brothers, Sohail and Arbaaz respectively.

At the same time, Kangna Ranaut's name is doing the rounds for the female lead in the remake. But Manjrekar isn't amused.

"I don't know where such stories are coming from. The female lead isn't finalised yet. We will see how things work out when discussions take place," says the National Award-winning filmmaker.

For the past few years, Salman and Manjrekar have been bonding a lot. In fact, the latter has been acting largely in Salman's films. After Ready (2011) and Dabangg (2010), he will be seen in the upcoming Bodyguard too.

"Yes, I have been working with Salman because I can't say no to him. He is a dear friend and a genuine person," he smiles.

Apart from Bodyguard, Manjrekar — who is currently excited about his latest Marathi production Fakta Ladh Mhana — has given up on acting entirely: "Nowadays, I'm not really interested in acting assignments because no one is going to offer me author-backed roles. So, I'd rather stay behind the camera."

Salman's confidence in BODYGUARD eases makers

He has worked on the same subject with diverse set of actors while calling shots for Malayalam, Tamil and the Telugu version of BODYGUARD. However when it came to making the film in Hindi with Salman Khan, it was an entirely different experience for Siddique, a veteran writer-director down South who is now making a belated debut in Bollywood. In such circumstances, one can well expect the Hindi version of BODYGUARD with Kareena Kapoor in lead to be the toughest movie making experience in his career so far.

Says Siddique with a smile, "Well, I won't say that it was the toughest experience ever but then it was quite wonderful for sure. To make a Hindi movie with a huge superstar is a thrill by itself. As a subject though I was quite comfortable since I am very thorough with it after being attached to it for five years now. With such a strong storyline, it was just a matter to including a few ingredients that gave the film a universal appeal."

What worked in favour of Siddique though was Salman's confidence in the film, something that ensured the actor's complete commitment to the film.

"It was Salman who had seen the original BODYGUARD and wanted it to be remade in Hindi,' says Siddique, "Also he wanted no one else but me to direct it again. So though on one side I was happy to pick it up all over again, on the other I was burdened with such huge expectations. Moreover BODYGUARD as a title itself is so powerful that audience expects a lot of action. Since at the core of it by story is emotional with humour in it as well, I had to balance it out all."

Also starring Mahesh Manjrekar, Raj Babbar and Hazel Keech in important roles with Katrina Kaif in a specially designed item number, BODYGUARD releases all over on 31st August. 

Salman won't begin Dabangg 2 before mid-2012

Salman Khan is busier than ever before and 'bhai' Arbaaz understands this well too. So while multiple assignments picked up by Salman means that his dates are coming at a premium, it hasn't left Arbaaz untouched as well, what with Dabangg 2 further getting pushed. Though the film was earlier supposed to begin towards end of this year and was later pushed to first quarter of 2012, as things stand today Dabangg 2 won't go on floors before June/July next year which means it would now release only in 2013.

Says a source close to the family, "Salman's stocks have sky rocketed after giving three blockbusters in a row - Ready, Dabangg and Wanted. He has been flooded with assignments but instead of working on multiple films at the same time, he is choosing to do only one film at a time. He is currently wrapping up Bodyguard and would soon be leaving abroad for the shoot of Ek Tha Tiger. This means that Dabangg 2 would have to wait."

One wonders in that case when would Salman's other films like Kick, Sher Khan and an untitled film with Rensil D'Silva begin. Meanwhile Arbaaz doesn't mind waiting for Dabangg 2 as he rightly believes that Salman's market value would only grow further by the time they are ready with the sequel.

"Salman is busy and I have to respect that. He has clearly said that his first priority is to clear all the backlog and only then start a new film. He isn't doing too many films but for someone of his superstar status, working on 2-3 films a year also requires huge effort. I am waiting for him and most likely would start shooting for Dabangg 2 only in the middle of next year", says Arbaaz who would be managing the twin responsibility of producing as well as directing the film.

Well, one now hopes that Salman indeed is considering Dabangg 2 as a part of his immediate plans and picks up the film on priority next year at the least.

Salman's Kick to start shooting in 2012

Film editor-turned-director Shirish Kunder has confirmed his next project Kick starring Salman Khan will go on the floors in 2012.

"To all Salman fans (which I think is practically everyone now) - KICK is definitely happening! We start shooting next year," he posted on his Twitter page.

Kick is a remake of an action-romantic Telugu film and Kunder is planning to use 3D technology in this project, after falling in love with the tech while shooting Joker, starring Akshay Kumar and Sonakshi Sinha.

Yash Raj can do anything for Salman Khan!

No one can dictate terms to Salman Khan, for he is someone who lives life and works in his own unique way!
The `Dabangg` Khan, who has teamed up with Yash Raj for the first time ever, does not believe in stooping low to get work. On the contrary, there are people in the industry, who are more than willing ling to go out of their ways to have the superstar on-board for their projects.
And Salman - one of the members of the `Billionaire club` as mentioned by trade analysts, does what he feels like and also makes people dance to his tunes.
Yash Raj scion Aditya Chopra wanted Salman to have a script reading session, which according to the former is mandatory. But a stubborn man that he is, Salman was hell bent on reading it only at his farm house in Panvel.
Adi and filmmaker Kabir Khan could do little and headed towards Panvel.
Talking to a tabloid, a source said, "Salman told them that he wouldn`t sit for the script reading session at Yash Raj Studios or his own home Galaxy Apartments. `Sirf mere Panvel farmhouse mein hoga,`(only at my farm house) he stated. Normally, Salman doesn`t entertain script reading sessions."
Salman Khan does not believe in 'homework' and loves to be spontaneous.
"He is a spontaneous actor and likes working on his lines and emotions directly on the sets. This is perhaps the first time in his career that he made an exception, so it had to be done his way."
However, a source from the big banner had a different point of view. He said, "Script reading sessions are more often than not held in places where the lead actors are comfortable. So what if Aditya drove down to Panvel? The session was beautiful. Salman read out all his dialogues and got into the mood of playing the character. What followed was even more beautiful."
The producer, actor and the director had a picnic of sorts. And the lion-heated star proved a perfect host!
"Lovely food and alcohol was arranged at the farmhouse. Salman however chose to stay off the alcohol as Ramzan is currently on and he is off drinks. It was a real picnic for Aditya. He hardly takes time off for himself. One wonders when the last time he had taken an off. Salman`s wish came as a blessing in disguise for Aditya," added the source.

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Shilpa Shetty's mother becomes Producer to save her darling daughter's career

Shilpa Shetty`s mother becomes Producer to save her darling daughter`s careerFurious with the lack of funds, progress and initiative and determined to complete and release what she considers a remarkable work of cinema, Shilipa Shetty's intrepid mother has taken over the production of her daughter's Indo-Chinese production The Desire: A Journey Of A Woman. She has apparently edited the film down to 95 minutes and is readying the film for various international film festivals. 

When contacted Sunanda Shetty admitted, "The websites claim Tracy Shiyun is the co-producer. Not true. She went to court and lost. I am the sole producer of this project. 

We've made changes for the betterment of the movie. If I had to turn producer I wanted the film to be what I as a member of the audience would like to see. Yes, we've cut the length down. " 

If Shilpa Shetty's mother Sunanda Shetty has turned producer Lord knows there was enough provocation to do. Apparently the ambitious film about an Indian girl quest for spiritualism through her Odissi dancing was on the verge of being shelved when Mrs Shetty agreed to step in as producer. 

Says a source, "The Desire …had gone grossly over-budget and had also become too long. When Mrs Shetty stepped in the length of the film was unmanageable at 2 hours 25 minutes. 

Mrs Shetty cut the film down to size at 95 minutes and is sending it off to various international film festivals. She also had areas of dispute with the director R Sarath on several counts. "Says Mrs Sunanda Shetty, "When I decided to step in as producer the film was in serious trouble. It was stuck for over a year. But I immediately saw the potential in it.

I was told there was just a few weeks' shooting left when in fact we had to shoot for a good six months more. But it's been worth it. It's a beautiful story and has a great role for Shilpa. My daughter warned me not to turn producer now when I had desisted from doing so all these years. 

But somehow more than the concerned mother it was the film buff in me that realized the potential of this film. I jumped into the ocean without knowing how to swim. "

The proud and protective mother makes it very clear that she took on the onus of being the sole producer of this film because of her darling daughter's sake. "What appealed to me in the film is the fact that a girl could lead her life on her own terms without adhering to the so-called dos and don'ts. I strongly believe a girl child should be allowed to follow her heart. "

Jane Fonda pens sex guide for over-70 couples

Veteran actress Jane Fonda has penned a book for the couples of her generation on how to keep the warmth of passion ticking in a relationship even when the old age snatches the enthusiasm away.

The 73-year-old Hollywood sex symbol has devoted some 50 pages of her new autobiography 'Prime Time' to explaining how to have good sex over the age of 70.

She has also claimed that she could even tell simply by looking at people if they are having 'good sex'.

"I wasn't trying to be shocking, but I go into details, and it seems to have shocked people. I made a list of things to cover. I'm still sexually active. There are certain things that change as you age, and I wanted to talk about that," the Daily Mail quoted her as telling Time magazine, explaining her decision to talk about sex for the over-70s, that is usually a taboo subject.

The two-time Oscar-winner, who is currently in a relationship with 69-year-old music producer Richard Perry, describes herself as a 'late bloomer' and insisted on talking openly about sex unlike others.

"I have never found a book that talks about everything from the psyche and spirit and wisdom to penile implants," she said.

"So I decided that I'd write about as much of the research as I possibly could – everything I wanted to know as a woman who is 73 years old and still sexually active.

"I see people who aren't traditionally beautiful, but if they're having good sex, you can tell," she added.

I don't know how they manage to do sex before marriage

I don`t know how they manage to do sex before marriageBorn as Shree Amma Yanger on Aug 13, 1963, Sridevi started her acting career as a child artist at the age of four in Tamil movie Kandan Karunai.

Besides acting in numerous Tamil, Telegu and Malayalam films, she literally ruled Bollywood (Hindi film industry) in 1980s and early 1990s with films like Mr India, Nagina, Sadma, Tohfa, Aakhree Raasta, Chaalbaaz, Lamhe and Khuda Gawah. 

She also acted in television serial Malini Iyer in 2004-05. 

She married producer Boney Kapoor in 1996 and has two daughters Jhanvi and Khushi. 

She will reportedly make a comeback in films with Gauri Shinde's debut flick titled English Vinglish. 

Excerpts from her interviews given to various magazines and newspapers over the years: 

Sridevi on cinema: 
Cinemas was, has and always will be a major part of my life. It has made me the person I am today and I do not know a life apart from movies. It's true that I did take a break for a while, but that was to tend to my children and my family. Even then, I was always active with Boney's production company.

Sridevi on her parents: 
My parents were lovely people, they installed good manners in me, taught me to respect elders and always guided me. 

In fact the first time I was away from my parents for a long time was during the shooting of Gurudev, Roop Ki Rani Choron Ka Raja and Lamhe which were shot back - to - back, overseas. 

Every morning before I left for my shoot, I made sure I spoke to my parents, they called me without fail. 

One particular morning, I never got a call from my father and the next thing I was told that he was ill, but the truth was that he was no more... and the same thing happened at the time of my mother's death - I was away on a shoot for the filming of Judaai when she passed away.

My mother had always thought of me as her son , she used to tell me that. My lighting the funeral pyre was simply my way of paying homage to her belief in me. It was a traumatic and emotional decision but I had to do it. 

Sridevi on Boney Kapoor: 
Boney came to me in 1984 to sign me to play Seema, the lead female role for Mr India. He confessed later, that he fell in love with me outright! He however did take a few years to sort out his life before formally proposing to me in 1993. 

I fell in love with him when I got to know the real him. It was difficult, traumatic even and it took me many years to finally accept the fact that I was destined to be with Boney.

In hindsight, I only wish that I had realized and accepted his love for me sooner. I always believe in following my heart and I am glad that I did. My parents had passed away by then and my sister was shocked with my decision. But now, she shares a great relationship with my husband and is convinced that he is the best thing that ever happened to me! 

The same goes for my in laws. I share a fantastic relationship with them. My mother in law adores me and I always try to pamper her because she loves to be spoilt by me.

I can also never forget the support and strength I got from my sister in law Sunita (actor Anil Kapoor's wife) all through and the love I got from Boney's sister, Reena.

The affectionate bond I share with Boney's youngest brother, Sanjay and his wife Maheep is also a lifeline!" 

Sridevi on love:
I wouldn't know how important the emotion love is to the kids of today. Love for me is not just saying 'I love you' neither is it physical attraction. Love does exist.

And there are some people who do believe that virginity is the most prized possession a woman takes with her to her husband's house after she is married. What's wrong with that? 

But yes, it seems to have become a trend to have a lot of affairs and indulge in sex before marriage. I would never be able to do it. I don't know how they manage.

Asin: Kapoor daughter for a day

Asin: Kapoor daughter for a dayThat's how Asin felt when Randhir and Rishi Kapoor announced she was their daughter at a restaurant in London

It's not often that one is announced as a member of a legendary family. 

However, that's a privilege Asin will cherish for the rest of her life. During an outdoor shoot of Houseful 2 in London, the Kapoor brothers Rishi and Randhir publicly referred to the actress as their daughter.

Interestingly, Asin's bonding with the Kapoors is due to Rishi playing her father and Randhir her uncle in Sajid Khan's film for producer Sajid Nadiadwala.

"However, she not only enjoyed conversing with them before the shoot began, but she had also won their affections in the initial days, " says a unit member, adding, "While the entire cast was like one big family, Asin was particularly fond of Randhirji and Rishiji. They too doted on her." 

He recounts one memorable incident. One evening, Asin finished shooting a little later than the Kapoor brothers. So after pack-up, she left for the restaurant where she was to join Randhir, Rishi and a few others for dinner. 

Our source tells us that when she reached the venue and was looking around for them, the manager asked if he could help her. 

"That's when Randhirji stated that she's their daughter, " recalls our source, adding that Asin was surprised and also felt a sense of pride at the same time.

"Throughout that evening, everyone else from the cast addressed her as a Kapoor beti." 

Asin also got to meet the Kapoor brothers' mum Krishna Raj and sister Reema Jain when they visited London during the schedule. Although she couldn't meet Rishi's wife Neetu Kapoor, she made it a point to wish her on her birthday. 

The actress, however, was not keen on talking about her special bond with the Kapoors. But when pursued, all she said was: "I have great respect for Rishiji and Randhirji.

It was an honour working with them together in Houseful 2."


Freida is irked at Anil Kapoor's embarrassing remark

Freida is irked at Anil Kapoor`s embarrassing remarkIt looks like Anil Kapoor has earned Freida Pinto's ire. 

The Slumdog Millionaire actress who features as the guest in this week's Simi Selects India's Most Desirable, has confessed that Anil should not have spoken about her romance with co-star Dev Patel. Kapoor had stated in an interview that he could sense the chemistry between the two.

Says Freida, "If Anil Kapoor witnessed it when we were experiencing it, I must say that he is a genius... but he shouldn't have said it before we said it...

I was at the red carpet and he is suddenly talking to Ryan Secrest (American radio and TV personality) and saying things that are embarrassing me and I was like what is happening... where do I look?" 

Guess Kapoor can only reply by saying a jhakaas! Tee hee!


Can't I expect little respect, asks upset Katrina

Can`t I expect little respect, asks upset KatrinaActress Katrina Kaif is upset with a report that she cancelled the shoot for Yash Raj Films' "Mere Brother Ki Dulhan" because her favourite make-up man Subhash was unavailable as he had booked his dates for Anushka Sharma. 

Katrina, 27, said people should not pull her down by writing such false stories and should give her respect considering her contribution to the industry.

"That was something really disheartening. I am not that kind of person who ever stood up and says, 'Look what I have done, look at me' or asked for any kind of respect or recognition or walked around with any kind of ego. 

"But when I see people stoop down to that level and write these kind of stories, that's the only time I feel that I am not asking for recognition, but a little bit of respect after these years I have worked in the industry. Please don't pull me down to this level," Katrina told.

The actress entered Bollywood in 2003 with "Boom". Though her debut film was not a hit, she went on to deliver hits like "Namastey London", "Singh Is Kinng", "Race" and "Raajneeti".

Releasing Sep 9, the directorial debut of Ali Abbas Zafar, "Mere Brother Ki Dulhan" is a comedy where Katrina is teamed up with Imran Khan and Pakistani singer-turned-actor Ali Zafar.

The current favourite of YRF, Katrina, will be also seen in their "Ek Tha Tiger" opposite Salman Khan and Yash Chopra's next undeclared directorial venture opposite superstar Shah Rukh Khan. She has teamed up with Anushka in the latter. 

"Anushka is a lovely girl, starting off her career now," she said.

Right now I am not interested in men: Anushka Sharma

Right now I am not interested in men: Anushka SharmaPost Band Baaja Baaraat, Anushka Sharma has become every man's fantasy; so much so that the 23-year-old was recently chosen as the cover girl for international men's magazine Maxim. The actor chats up Sreya Basu in Mumbai

What's your definition of being sexy?
I think being sexy is a state of mind. Especially for a woman, it's the way you feel; how confident you feel in your skin. Once that confidence is established within you, it's done. 

What men feel sexy about you might be because you are confident and have a strong personality. Being sexy is not about skin, figure and all that…according to me at least. May be I am wrong, men would know better. 

Do you think you are sexy?
I don't think that's something I can comment on. (Smiles) 

Now-a-days most of the covers you shoot are very sensuous. For example, the one you shot for Maxim. What do you have to say about that?
I don't know what to say. (Pauses). As for the Maxim one, it was a very confidently shot sensuous cover. It's not something outrageous…that's not how I want to pose myself. It was a good photoshoot and a well- turned out cover. 

Unlike your contemporaries, we hardly see you in revealing clothes (except the bikini act in Badmaash Company). Comment.
If experimenting is only about clothes, then I will definitely not don a bikini for any film. I don't think clothes are such a huge part of films; it's not modelling where clothes define the whole presentation.

In films, clothes are a part of character-building and if I am playing certain character that needs to wear certain kinds of garments, then I would.

I don't like to believe that clothes decide the fate of my films. I take my job very seriously, that is, acting.

For me, anything that helps me build my character, be it make up, hair, styling, I would take that step and make sure that I am portraying my character convincingly.

I have done a film like Rab Ne Bana Di Jodi, and one Badmaash Company and also a film like Band Baaja Baaraat. I don't take clothes as a medium of presenting myself to people. It's really the roles I try to essay that matters. 

So that's the reason you refused to wear a bikini in your upcoming film Ladies vs Ricky Bahl (opposite Ranveer Singh)?
As I said…it (wearing bikini) was not important for my character in the film.

What do you think about the growing friendship between Ranveer Singh and Sonakshi Sinha?
You should ask Ranveer Singh on his friendship with Sonakshi Sinha. I can't comment on their friendship.

Are you single?
Absolutely. Right now I am not interested in men. In fact, I am not interested in finding one for myself. I would want the guy to come and find me. 

What qualities are you looking in a man?
I would like my man to be very self-assured, very confident and he should be able to handle the success of his partner, that means, me..

He should be very supporting and I will be supporting to him as well. It's a give-and-take relationship…what I expect out of him, I will provide him as well.

This is the most important thing in a man-woman relationship. Right now, I have not got any guy and at the moment, I am not even expecting someone in my life.

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